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Every year, San Diego Magazine and the San Diego County Medical Society publish a list of “Top San Diego Physicians.” In 2015, 34 Alvarado Hospital physicians were named to this prestigious annual listing.

Congratulations to the following Alvarado Hospital physicians for their dedication to the San Diego community and earning the respect of their peers:

Paul Abou, MD, Internal Medicine
Jeffrey Anthony, DO, Family Medicine
Rafid Arabo, MD, Internal Medicine
Gonzalo Ballon-Landa, MD, Infectious Disease
Reema Batra, MD, Hematology
David Bodkin, MD, Internal Medicine
Harold Copans, MD, Internal Medicine
Scott Evans, MD, Family Medicine
George Fadda, MD, Internal Medicine, Nephrology
Sanjay Ghosh, MD, Neurosurgery
Christopher Glazener, MD, Anesthesiology
Scott Hacker, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Fadi Haddad, MD, Infectious Disease
Michael Halls, MD, Plastic Surgery
Roxanne Hon, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Tahir Ijaz, MD, Radiation Oncology
Steven Kossman, MD, Medical Oncology
David Lehman, MD, Internal Medicine
Michelle Look, MD, Family & Sports Medicine
Parvin Mani, MD, Ob/Gyn
Majid Mani, MD, Ophthalmology
Nasrin Mani, MD, Ophthalmology
Perry Mansfield, MD, Otolaryngology
Ted Mazer, MD, Otolaryngology
Barzan Mohedin, MD, Critical Care, Internal Medicine
Lee Patrick Ralph, MD, Family & Sports Medicine
Ananthram Reddy, MD, Gastroenterology
Frederick Richburg II, MD, Family Medicine
Stephen Rohrer, DO, Family Medicine
Kosala Samarasinghe, MD, Internal Medicine
Harper Summers, MD, Pathology
Brian Weeks, MD, Otolaryngology
Salam Yatooma, MD, Internal Medicine
Kai Zu, MD, Hematology