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As the first hospital in all of San Diego to perform the OMNIBotics™ robotic-assisted total knee replacement.

“This innovative surgery has been successfully performed on multiple patients who suffered from serious pain due to joint degeneration, osteoarthritis, and other joint issues,” said Dr. James Bates, medical director of Alvarado Hospital’s Advanced Joint Institute.

Alvarado is the first hospital in the region to have access to this advanced technology.

The procedure is performed by using a navigation platform to control robotic technology. This equips an orthopedic surgeon to precisely plan and execute a surgery designed for each patient’s unique features, creating optimal implant placement.

“This innovative, navigation-driven robotic-assisted technology allows the surgeon to customize surgical treatment for each individual patient, ultimately achieving unprecedented precision with improved clinical outcomes,” Dr. Bates said.

As a bonus, no pre-operative imaging studies such as CTs or MRIs are necessary—reducing the patient to radiation exposure.

“While our orthopedists are extremely skilled at performing such procedures, the new technology allows them to execute this difficult procedure with more precision and personalize the robotic components to address the specific anatomy of each patient,” said Robin Gomez, Alvarado Hospital administrator. “This not only helps our surgeons plan implant fit and alignment prior to performing bone resections, but it also eliminates the need for pre-operative imaging, streamlining the procedure.

The Benefits of Robotic-assisted Knee Surgery

The sophisticated system creates and displays a 3D model of each patient’s anatomy—during the actual surgical procedure. This is done through the advanced Bone-morphing™ technology. That means the Alvarado Hospital surgeon can use the 3D imagery to perform a safer and more accurate procedure. Once the surgeon has designed the procedure plan, the navigation system communicates that plan to the robotic guidance system. This system enables the surgeon to reach maximum precision for bone resections and leads to the best possible outcome for patients.

In addition to the Bone-morphing technology, specific algorithms and re-section guides equip surgeons with the tools they need to create accurate legal alignment for patients. The surgeon can quickly match the leg’s mechanical axis with the other leg and can also perform assessments during the procedure to ensure exceptional precision. It also reduces the need

Dr. Bates added that the robotic technology and procedure is helping his patients return to their daily activities and remain healthy and active. Patients can have peace of mind that their implants have been placed as precisely as possible.

“Combining the robotic surgical procedure with other advanced medical strategies, Alvarado Hospital is able to reduce the risk of complications patients face compared when undergoing traditional surgery,” Gomez said. “This puts our hospital on the leading-edge of joint replacement surgery.”

Alvarado Hospital is among America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery over the last three years (2014-2016) and also is among the top 5% in the nation for clinical and patient safety excellence, as named by Healthgrades.