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New Program to Fill a Growing Need for Geriatric Care in San Diego.

Alvarado Hospital’s new Senior Care Specialty Services Department has received the final clearance to open and will start to receive patients on Monday, November 5, 2018. The new department completed its final comprehensive survey by the California Department of Public Health today.

Senior Care Specialty Services is a dedicated geriatric behavioral health program that will provide
cognitive, emotional, and behavioral care in a secure 24‐hours‐a‐day inpatient setting to address both the medical and behavioral health needs of our senior citizens. “As medical care has improved, our life expectancy has increased,” explains Michelle Rispoli, director of Senior Care Services. “Our population has aged, and we’re seeing more and more of a need for geriatric care in our community. Alvarado Hospital is here to fill that need.”

Seniors 65 and older who suffer from behavioral health issues that may be compounded with medical or neurological problems, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease, can receive comprehensive treatment by our team of physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, and therapists. Common behavioral health disorders that will be treated are:
‐ Anxiety
‐ Bipolar disorder
‐ Dementia with behavioral disturbances
‐ Depression
‐ Post‐traumatic stress disorder
‐ Schizoaffective disorder
‐ Schizophrenia

“Our entire team at Alvarado worked hard to make this happen, and it’s great to finally see Senior Care Specialty Services come to fruition for our community,” says Peggy Jezsu, Chief Nursing Officer of Alvarado. “I’m proud of the resourcefulness and professionalism that we showed here to make this
vision a reality.”

“This new unit is one part of what we see as Alvarado’s role in our community,” says Robin Gomez, CEO of Alvarado Hospital. “Senior Care Services, along with our new, expanded, soon‐to‐open Emergency Department, are two examples of our hospital evolving to fit the needs of the people we serve, including those most vulnerable.”

For more information about the Senior Care Specialty Services program at Alvarado, call (619) 229‐7307.