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The Alvarado Hospital volunteers are an invaluable resource. Aside from being the friendly face of the hospital greeting visitors at the front lobby, they help us complete the odd jobs and tasks that allow us to excel at our jobs.

But there is another aspect of the Volunteer department that directly benefits our community as well as our hospital. The hospital participates with the County’s Expanded Work Experience (EWE) and Expanded Subsidized Employment (ESE) programs. Both programs fall under the Calworks Welfare-to-Work program which is designed to help disadvantaged people enter the workforce and become productive members of their communities. Since 2017, Alvarado Hospital has hired 21 former volunteers through EWE/ESE, with our sister hospital Paradise Valley hiring one, and one of our staff physicians hiring one other. Of those 21, 12 remain employed with us today. Of those who are no longer employed with us, one has returned to school full-time and is employed at Grossmont College, and the rest have moved on to higher-paying positions elsewhere.

There is a financial incentive for the hospital, as well. Under the EWE/ESE programs, the County of San Diego reimburses the hospital for providing an opportunity for these volunteers to learn valuable job skills. In 2018, Alvarado Hospital received $9,997.26 from the County. And from January to the end of June, this year, the hospital has received $55,271.03, with the potential of receiving an additional $45,000 for the rest of 2019. “This program works great for all involved!” states Jane Schmoll, director of Environmental Services and Volunteers. “One of the most gratifying aspects of my job is to help the people in these programs learn skills that will allow them to provide for their families and become a part of our community.”

If you are interested in becoming an Alvarado Hospital volunteer, visit the Volunteer Opportunities page on our website.