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Falls can be a threat to our quality of life for older adults age 60 and older. However, falls can be prevented if your risk of falls can be identified. Outpatient Therapy Services at Alvarado Hospital’s San Diego Rehabilitation Institute are dedicated to helping our community in preventing falls and maintaining a healthy active quality of life. We offer a balance class, named ABC (Alvarado Balance Class), that occurs every Thursday at 11 AM. We also offer a Senior Fitness Class that is held every Tuesday, also at 11 AM. These classes are at no cost to anyone wanting to join us. The classes are held at Alvarado Hospital at 6645 Alvarado Road, San Diego, in the San Diego Rehabilitation (SDRI) building. An RSVP and a physician consent form are required for the classes. Download the consent form at

Below is a self-fall risk assessment tool to determine if you are at risk for falls. Add up the number of points for each “yes” answer. If you scored 4 or more, you may be at risk for falling. There are suggestions and actions after each question for staying independent.


Please circle “YES” or “NO” for each statement below

YES (2) NO (0) — I have fallen in the past year.

Learn more on how to reduce your fall risk, as people who have fallen are more likely to fall again.

YES (2) NO (0) — I use or have been advised to use a cane or walker to get around safely.

Talk with a physical therapist about the most appropriate walking aid for your needs.

YES (2) NO (0) — Sometimes, I feel unsteady when I am walking.

Exercise to build up your strength and improve your balance, as this is shown to reduce the risk of falls.

YES (2) NO (0) — I steady myself by holding onto the furniture when walking at home.

Incorporate daily balance exercises and reduce home hazards that might cause a trip or slip.

YES (2) NO (0) — I am worried about falling.

Knowing how to prevent a fall can reduce fear and promote active living.

YES (2) NO (0) I need to push with my hands to stand up from a chair.

Strengthening your muscles can reduce your risk of falling and being injured.

YES (2) NO (0) — I have some trouble stepping up onto a curb.

Daily exercise can help improve your strength and balance.

YES (2) NO (0) — I have often to rush to the toilet.

Speak to your health care provider about solutions to decrease the need to rush to the toilet.

YES (2) NO (0) — I have lost some feeling in my feet.

Speak to your health care provider as numbness in the feet can cause stumbles and falls.

YES (2) NO (0) — I take medicines that sometimes make me feel light-headed or more tired than usual.

Speak to your health care provider or pharmacist about medication side effects that may increase the risk of falls.

YES (2) NO (0) — I take medicine to help me sleep or improve my mood.

Speak to your health care provider or pharmacist about safer alternatives for a good night’s sleep.

YES (2) NO (0) — I often feel sad or depressed.

Speak to your health care provider about symptoms of depression and help with finding positive solutions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (619) 229-7216, fax (619 229-7161. If you find you are at risk for falls, outpatient physical therapy services are available at SDRI.