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Mayo Clinic Proceedings recently published an important article on men’s health and testosterone. The Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) assembled a panel of experts—including Dr. Irwin Goldstein—on men’s health to address the rising concerns about testosterone therapy. The panel consisted of 17 specialists in men’s health, urology, endocrinology, sexual health, and methodology. They focused on adult-onset hypogonadism (AOH), which is a condition where males do not produce adequate levels of testosterone. One common way to treat AOH is through testosterone therapy. However, many physicians and doctors question the safety of using T therapy.

The discussion comes after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) changed labels for all testosterone products released in the United States, limiting these testosterone prescriptions. Physicians and patients worried that such treatments could lead to heart disease and stroke. The assembled panel reviewed the best available scientific evidence to decipher the validity of the risks of testosterone therapy.

They concluded the following:

  • AOH is a serious condition that adversely affects men’s sexuality, reproduction, and more.
  • Testosterone therapy for men is rational, effective, and evidence-based.
  • No scientific basis recommends age-specific testosterone therapy.
  • Evidence does not support testosterone therapy increases prostate cancer.
  • Those who are being treated should make sure they are regularly monitored.

The panel found that many men who experienced heart problems or strokes while receiving testosterone therapy suffered other common medical conditions such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. While the experts agreed that the therapy should continue, they did stipulate that men with AOH should be counseled about the benefits and dangers of testosterone treatments. To ensure safety, the panel suggests an extensive diagnostic process to ensure that men are properly identified with AOH. Furthermore, men who receive testosterone therapy should be carefully monitored throughout their treatment.

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