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Alvarado Hospital added another service it can offer to the community. The hospital has a new advanced Mammography Suite featuring the powerful Siemens Mammomat Inspiration mammogram with “PRIME Technology” that’s designed to enhance scanned images in high definition for the diagnostician. “The Mammography suite itself is designed to be as comfortable and inviting as we can make it for our patients,” explains Sandy Gergen, Director of Imaging Services. “The process of getting a mammogram is not the most pleasant experience, so we went out of our way to decorate the suite with comfortable furniture and inviting colors.”

An important component of the Mammography Suite is the addition of the Kubtec Xpert40 Specimen Radiography system. This allows for the immediate examination of tissue excised from a patient directly from surgery without having to send the patient off-campus to a third-party pathology lab. This saves the patient a tremendous amount of time and inconvenience.

For more information about the Alvarado Hospital Mammography Suite, or to schedule a procedure, contact us at (619) 229-3170.