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Advanced Spine Institute

There may come a time when your back pain reduces the quality of your life. Everyday activities, such as walking, shopping or housework, can become difficult or unbearable. Taking part in favorite hobbies, such as golf or bowling, may be a thing of the past because conservative measures like diet, exercise and medications no longer provide pain relief. If this describes your situation and you want relief from chronic back and neck pain, take the first step today.

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Advanced Spine Institute
Benefits of Spine Surgery

Benefits of Spine Surgery at the Advanced Spine Institute:

  • Minimally invasive and laser spine procedures
  • Small incisions for faster recovery
  • Fellowship-trained spine surgeons
  • 3D imaging during the procedure for pinpoint precision
  • Customized procedures
  • Healing-designed recovery unit
  • Nurse navigator to guide you through process
  • Award-winning care for surgery and patient safety

At the Advanced Spine Institute at Alvarado Hospital, our surgeons use the latest advances in minimally invasive spine surgery to ensure the best outcomes and less recovery time. If you want want relief from chronic neck and back pain, take the first step toward your new life and contact us. No need to travel out of state with the most advanced minimally invasive procedures, including laser surgery, is offered in San Diego.

Our Patient Satisfaction Sates

Days in the Hospital (national average 4.1)


Percentage Who Go Directly Home (ntl. avg. 79%)


Complication Rate Pulmonary Embolism


Complication Rate Deep Vein Thrombosis

Conditions Treated

Our spine specialists treat a variety of back and neck conditions, including:

  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Chronic Neck Pain
  • Herniated Disc
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Radiculopathy
  • Degenerative Scoliosis
  • Many other conditions

Common Spine Surgery Procedures

Why Choose the Advanced Spine Institute

The Alvarado Advances Spine Institute is nationally renowned for superior outcomes in spine surgery, Alvarado Hospital’s spine care is among the best in the nation. Not only have we been placed among the top 5% in the nation for spine surgery as America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Spine Surgery, but we’re the only hospital in the state of California to be ranked among America’s 100 Best Hospital for Spine and Orthopedic Surgery four years in a row (Healthgrades, 2014-2017). We received a five-star rating from Healthgrades for Spinal Fusion Surgery in 2022, and we have held a  Healthgrades Patient Safety Excellence Award for the past eight consecutive years (2015-2023).

Alvarado Hospital brought together the region’s top spine surgeons and combined their surgical expertise with a beautiful recovery unit featuring San Diego’s landscapes and landmarks, based on healing design.

Our Personal Approach

We have created a unique program that brings together a team of experienced and skilled surgeons with specially trained nurses, therapists and technicians. Our goal is to provide seamless, coordinated care, and get you back to your favorite activities as soon as possible.

We offer an outcome-driven program to maximize your recovery and get you back to enjoying your life. Our innovative program results in superior outcomes through a unique combination of wellness-focused strategies, including:

  • Healing-designed recovery unit reflecting San Diego’s beautiful landscapes and landmarks
  • Comprehensive patient and family education pre- and post-surgery
  • Early mobility for quicker recovery
  • Family-focused environment, including family participation in coaching, therapy,and other activities
  • Patients may wear comfortable clothes from home
  • All private rooms and bathrooms
  • Marshall Steele-modeled programs for superior outcomes and high patient satisfaction

While your hospital stay will be short, we have created a unit focused only on joint and spine surgery patients—in a healing environment to enhance recovery. No hospital gowns for this crowd. You get to wear your own clothes from home! Family members, including a loved one you identify as your “coach,” are encouraged to participate in group activities and other special events on the unit.

Our staff is hand-picked for their positive attitudes, motivational skills, and their desire to provide outstanding service. In addition, they have been specially trained to provide comprehensive clinical care for patients undergoing this important surgery.


We believe the key to better outcomes is a commitment to provide you with a thorough understanding and knowledge of what to expect during your surgical experience. In addition to communicating with your nurses and physicians, we will provide you with patient guidebooks you can review for information about your spine surgery. Knowing what to expect each step of the way goes a long way to reducing stress and anxiety, and prepares you for as smooth a recovery as possible.

Physician Referral

Alvarado’s Physician Referral Service can help you find an orthopedic specialist who meets your needs. To see a list of orthopedists who are part of the Advanced Spine & Joint Institute, click here. You also can call (619) 287-3270 for a customer service rep who can assist you.

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