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As the internationally renowned leader of the first hospital-based sexual medicine program in the country, Dr. Goldstein is dedicated to bringing real solutions to men and women alike who struggle with low sex drive.

According to Dr. Irwin Goldstein of Alvarado Hospital, one of the most common questions women with low sexual interest have is: “Why is it that doctors don’t help us?”

Fox5 San Diego Interviews Doctor Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein recently sat down to talk with Fox5 San Diego about sexual medicine options for women. He discussed the new “Pink Pill” and some of the other options available to women seeking to improve sexual health.

The Pink Pill is FDA-approved for pre-menopausal women who are frustrated by their decreased sexual interest and looking for improvement. Instead of it being a chore, duty, or obligation, sex can become an enjoyable experience again. Women with low sex drive can benefit by having the excitation in their brain increased and inhibition in their brain decreased in order to boost their sex drive. This is a daily pill designed to restore sexual desire to the woman’s previous “normal.”

There are other new drugs currently being researched. One is an injection—similar to insulin for diabetes—that is used by women with low sexual interest before sexual activity. Others are pills that are taken a few hours before sexual activity.

Sexual health can have an effect on all areas of your life, from your intimate relationships to your self-confidence to your physical health. With new advancements in sexual medicine, women can get access to helpful resources, support, and medications designed to help them enjoy optimal sexual health.